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Therapy rooms at Peverell and Crownhill

07793 412817 for appointments or information

I became involved in homeopathy after seeing it work for my very young daughter, when other things didnt. I have now been using homeopathy for 17 years, and am still in awe of it's capability for enabling physical and emotional health. With counselling techniques it also has great ability to help with future lifestyle change, whether due to current difficulties or just expanding horizons.

I have also applied hypnotherapy/relaxation techniques to allow forms of regression which can help identify and clear blocks. I also use NLP as appropriate.


Homeopathy utilises the body's natural ability to restore balance - this is seen in everyday problems such as broken bones, cuts, bruising etc, when the body goes to work to mend and heal. With bigger things, the body or mind can become stuck and needs help. Rather than masking symptoms with drugs (such as steroid cream for eczema, hormones to affect fertility, or anti-depressants) it works to solve the source of the imbalance, therefore restoring complete wellbeing.

I have seen homeopathy restore many people to health from a whole range of illnesses from migraines to depression, IBS & digestive disorders to every variety of period problems and menopausal symptoms. As well as running my normal clinics, I work with a domestic violence refuge helping women and children recover from emotional and physical trauma, and all kinds of abusive situations.

My degree is in Psychology, and before becoming a homeopath lectured in college, teaching counselling & psychology subjects. I have found homeopathy particularly useful when used in conjunction with counselling, as the remedies "remove" the feelings that counselling helps bring to the fore and enhances the process of working through problems.

Most commonly treated conditions include

  • Emotional troubles - anxiety & stress, grief, depression

  • Injury & Joint Troubles - RSI, sprains, rheumatism & arthritis

  • Digestive Disorders - IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease

  • Viral Infections - ME, hepatitis, shingles, herpes, impetigo

  • Headaches - sick headaches, migraine

  • Urinary Tract - cystitis, thrush, kidney disorders

  • Allergies & Eczema - including hayfever

  • Skin problems - including acne

  • Children's behaviour problems - hyperactivity, nightmares,
    tantrums, shyness

  • Period Problems - Heavy, painful or irregular periods, PMT

  • Menopausal Symptoms - Hot flushes, anxiety, panic attacks,
    weight gain

  • Infertility - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, re-establishing ovu-
    lation, endometriosis, homormonal disturbances following pill or miscarriage

  • Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

  • Recurrent coughs & colds - bronchitis, glandular fever, post
    viral fatigue, tendency to repeated infections.

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I became involved in homeopathy after seeing it work when my daughter was very ill following meningitis and encephalitis at 2 years old. She had recurrent infections and sickness, was losing weight and generally failing to thrive. Homeopathic treatment proved a turning point in her health.

I went to college in London & Exeter, not only ending up as a therapist have found supporting work with yoga & meditation to be a complete way of living well.

Where are appointments held?

I practice homeopathy from my therapy room which is next to my house at:

21 Tavistock Road

Come to the Manadon Roundabout and take the small turning between Liskeard and Tavistock which is marked for local traffic. Turn immediately right and right again and follow the road sign posted to the Church of the Ascension. I am just before the brow of the hill.

DISCLAIMER As a homeopath I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any particular symptom, disease or condition. Instead I work on increasing the general vitality and constitutional strength of those who seek my advice. I am not medical doctor and therefore those who work with me must retain the services of a primary care physician for appropriate evaluations and check-ups for themselves and/or their children.

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